Softech Systems  is a small software development company nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.   Our mission from the start (1998) has been to develop unique software programs for the user.  There are no “how to” manuals written in technical jargon.  We are best known for our sales and customer support.

Our programs are simple to install and use.  They have been tested forwards and backwards for ease of use and dependability.  Many of their features have been influenced by input from our customers.  Some of our best ideas have come from our customers!  Our Education Tracker‘© was developed because we were unable to find a simple method for tracking employee education progress.

Our ‘Check-In Check-Out‘©  was the result of our receptionist needing a simple way to tell who was in and out of the office.  She can now, at a glance, tell callers if their party is in or when they can expect them to be available.  A graphic of the program in use is on our home page.